7 notes when taking care of dogs in winter you should know

Winter is coming and with a background like this, it could be a cold and extreme winter. We have clothes to keep us warm and a soft mattress to rest on. And dogs can only cope with the cold weather with their fur. That can make dogs more susceptible to illness and colds. Today, let’s learn how to take care of dogs in winter with the Dog and Cat Blog.

1. How to take care of dogs in winter?

Many dog ​​breeds have 2 thick coats that are not afraid to cope with the cold winter, for example , Alaska and Husky dogs. However, there are also dog breeds with small appearance and short or even hairless coat. We can absolutely see this in Chihuahua dogs as well as Pugs or French Bulls . So how is it reasonable to take care of dogs in the winter ?

How to take care of dogs in winter?

2. Dress your dog to avoid the cold

This is the most common and optimal method to help dogs cope with the cold. Especially for small dogs, the coat is not enough to help them overcome inclement weather. Therefore, dressing dogs in winter will help them retain heat and protect them from the cold. You can dress your dog in old clothes, or buy ready-made dog clothes. Should choose wool, felt, cotton to help retain the best heat. It is best to choose a shirt that fits and is comfortable for the dog to exercise

Dogs need to be warm in winter

3. Prepare cages and beds for dogs.

If you have space in your family, you should arrange a crate for dogs because they bring a lot of benefits. 

If your dog is in an outdoor kennel, you should place the crate in an airtight place. In addition, you can cover with tarpaulin to prevent wind from entering the barn. The cage should be provided with adequate food and water. You should also put blankets, cloth, cotton on the floor of the cage to keep warm, but this can cause the dog to defecate in the cage and will cause odors. So it is necessary to clean the birthing house regularly to avoid odors as well as ensure the hygiene of the dogs.

Prepare your dog with warm blankets to avoid the cold

4. Keep your dog indoors

If possible, bring your dog into the house

If conditions permit, it is best to keep the dogs indoors. However, you should also prepare a separate corner for the dog to avoid disturbing the family fire. You can prepare a mattress or a sleeping spot in the corner of the house to make the dog most comfortable. It is advisable to limit the dog lying on the cold floor to avoid causing a cold.

5. Dogs should be exercised

You can give your dog activity to keep healthy and increase resistance

You can also let the dog be active, walk the dog on nice weather days to avoid obesity in dogs. Every day you should walk together for about 15-20 minutes to keep them comfortable, active as well as to keep yourself healthy. Remember to dress your dog warmly before going outside.

Exercise not only keeps dogs healthy, but also helps them generate heat and be active, thereby increasing their resistance to the cold as well as potential diseases that are easily acquired, especially during winter. cold weather of winter.

6. Hygiene care for dogs in winter.

6.1. House cleaning

Sanitize the dog’s accommodation to avoid odors and pathogens

The dog’s living area should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria and pathogens. Especially due to winter conditions, dogs often come into contact with blankets and pillows, so the risk of storing pathogens and unpleasant odors increases. Regular cleaning of your dog’s place is to protect their health as well as keep your house clean

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